Cultural Competence Training

  • Asian communities and Mental Health.
  • Asians in Care- Disability, Learning Difficulties, adoption, fostering, hospitalisation and bereavement.
  • Asian Arts, Pakistan, India Bangladesh.
  • Religion, Ethnicity and Sex Education.
  • Faith and Sexuality, Islamic, Hindu and Sikh Perspective.
  • Roles of Men and Women in Islam- how are the roles developed, religion, tradition and tackling the issue of equality.
  • Cultural Awareness of Asian Communities

    To raise awareness about the culture, religious and historical background of Asian communities.

  • Asian Cultural and Religious Awareness is Palliative Care

    To raise awareness of Asian culture/religion towards palliative cares and explores the issues around death and bereavement.

  • Asian Teenage Sexuality and the Culture of Confusion

    This course will aim to raise the awareness of cultural and religious issues in sex relationship for young people from Asian communities. To understand the sexual health needs of young people.

  • Asian Religious, Culture and Sexuality

    To provide an overview of cultural and religious issues around sex and relationships impacting on people from Asian communities in order to enable participants to identify and incorporate ways of cross-cultural working.

  • Nicotine dependence and Smoking in the Asian communities Religious and cultural aspects of tobacco use within Asian communities
  • Why Interpreter?

    Understanding the role of link workers
    Over five thousand people have gone through this course which has been specifically designed for non-Asian professionals who work in the public and the private sector.Previous participants include people from local government and the NHS including social workers, senior managers, housing officers, the police, Surestart workers, NHS staff, primary care staff, fire officers, magistrates, and employees from private companies.


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