About Us

Multicultural Resource Centre exists to develop community cohesion and racial harmony. It also works to provide information, support, and resources to BAME Communities requiring assistance in a culturally sensitive manner; to develop monitoring mechanism which will assist in identifying the effectiveness of those services. Our training programme includes, Cultural Competence Mental Health, Dementia and BAME Communities to NHS Staff, Memory Service, Social Service and Manchester University. Capacity Building training from making constitution to fundraising to local organisations and small groups in Greater Manchester and East Lancashire. We also deliver projects with activities to raise awareness of mental health, arts and mental health and wellbeing sessions. We organise poetry festivals and live poetry reading events. One of our projects is Community Health Information Shop where local people can access information in different languages about health particularly Mental Health and Dementia. We have management committee and pool of freelance session workers who deliver our projects with the help of paid staff and volunteers. Following the implementation of the national lockdown, we have decided to postpone all face-to-face sessions and workshops both indoors and outdoors until the forcible future. This is to help keep everyone safe. We are using digital and innovative ways to provide swift, responsive, reassuring help to people in the communities we serve. During lockdown we have been working with local community groups and feedback has shown that bi-lingual approach and teletherapy has shown incredibly positive results. We know it can be difficult to connect with others, remain engaged and stay motivated in the unusual circumstances we are living in, so we wanted to give our clients something to keep them feel connected, also getting creative is a great way to keep their mind occupied, and feeling calm and relaxed. We deliver sessions to seven other organisations members in Greater Manchester. Currently we are also working with South Asian LGBT individuals and Asylum Seekers and Refugees, providing them service information and Covid 19 updates including Food bank information.

Team & Management Committee

Abid Bukhari


Abdul K Shakoor


Mrs Razia Shamim

Mrs Sarwari Begum

Imtiaz Patel


Muhammad Hilal

Coordinator of Pakistan

Artists, Volunteers and Session Workers

We work with many freelance artists, Session Workers, Volunteers and health professionals.